Henrik Placht

Asia Exhibitions 2021 - 2023

by Henrik Placht‚

I would like to announce about my new main projects in Asia in next 3 years after signing contract with the Shanghai Chloe Culture Communications Co. LTD. with 3 years of collaboration from 2021 to 2024. There are focused territories including Mainland China, Hongkong where all the exhibitions will happen. As our discussion and agreement, the first exhibition will be organized in Shanghai Himalayas Museum during early this year - 2021. More news regarding the exhibitions and content will be updated as soon as possible.

About Shanghai Himalayas Museum Located at the Himalayas Center, a landmark in Shanghai designed by Arata Isozaki, the new site of the museum was opened to public in 2012. Other than the main space in Pudong, the museum also has two branch spaces. Zendai Contemporary Art Space is located at Wuwei Creative Park in northeast Shanghai. Covering an area of 2,000sqm, the space consists of galleries and artist studios, and focuses on the study and exploration of experimental and avant-garde art. Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Museum is located at Zhujiajiao town, a picturesque water-town suburb southeast of central Shanghai. Covering an area of 400sqm, the two-storey art museum consists of en-suite artist studios, galleries and a conference room. The space runs an artist-in-residence programme and organizes a variety of public art programmes targeting at local community. For more information: http://www.himalayasmuseum.org/en/zhanguan.aspx?id=92#001

— Henrik Placht